Swinging Door Hardware Products
Panic Exit Devices

Traditional Towel Bar Type

Part Number Description

Traditional Towel Bar One-Side Push Paddle Operators

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Modern Touch (Push) Bar Type

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Exit Device Parts and Accessories

Part Number Description
MP-6182 Cylinder Mounting Pad with Locking Ring
CL-1000-1 Mortise Cylinder (Single)
7085 Top Guide Top Nylon Rod Guide w/ Trip Release
7085 Bottom Guide Bottom Nylon Rod Guide
7085 Top Rod Bolt Top Rod Bolt
7085 Btm Rod Bolt Bottom Rod Bolt
7085 Header Strike Plastic Header Strike
7085 Top Trip Set Top Trip Bracket
ST-612 Surface Roller Strike (Optional)
ST-614 Surface Roller Strike (Standard)
MP-622 Mounting Plate Set (for Wooden Doors)
7000 Stud 1/4-20 Mounting Shoulder Stud
RM-1000 Rim Cylinder
CB-36 Cross Bar for 36" Door
CB-48 Cross Bar for 48" Door
PH-1000E Traditional Extruded 10" CTC Pull Handle
Dogging Pin Kit Replacement Dogging Pin Kit
Dogging Device Kit Replacement Dogging Device for 9100/9300 Series