Architectual Hardware Finish Designations

General Information

There are many common finishes found on builder's hardware manufactured in the United States. In prior years the letters US typically preceded the older hardware finish designations. Many finish designations currently use the more popular BHMA number equivalent. In the chart below the first column indicates the BHMA number, the second column the old US standard number, and the third column indicates the finish and base metal to which the finish is applied. Base metal differences may cause some finishes with the same name to appear slightly different.

Anodized Finishes
The three (3) common anodized finishes which are designated for aluminum storefront are: 628 (aluminum), 335 (black), and 313 (duranodic dark bronze).

BHMA Old US Finish / Base Metal
600 USP Primed for painting – steel
602 US2C Cadmium on steel
603 US2G Zinc on steel
604 Zinc dichromate on steel
605 US3 Bright brass on brass
606 US4 Satin brass on brass
609 US5 Satin brass blackened (antique) on brass
610 US7 Satin brass blackened (bright) on brass
611 US9 Bright bronze on bronze
612 US10 Satin bronze on bronze
613 US10B Oil rubbed bronze on bronze
616 US11 Satin bronze blackened on bronze
618 US14 Bright nickel on brass or bronze
619 US15 Satin nickel on brass or bronze
622 US19 Flat black coated on brass or bronze
623 US20 Oxidized bright bronze on bronze
624 US20A Dark bronze (statuary) on brass or bronze
625 US26 Bright chromium on brass or bronze
626 US26D Satin chromium on brass or bronze
627 US27 Satin aluminum-aluminum
628 US28 Satin aluminum (anodized) - aluminum
629 US32 Bright stainless steel-stainless steel
630 US32D Satin stainless steel-stainless steel
631 US19 Flat black coated steel
632 US3 Bright brass plated steel
633 US4 Satin brass plated, clear coated
637 US9 Bright bronze plated steel
639 US10 Satin bronze plated steel
640 US10B Oil rubbed bronze plated steel
645 US14 Bright nickel-plated steel
646 US15 Satin nickel-plated steel
651 US26 Bright chromium plated steel
652 US26D Satin chromium plated steel
666 US3 Bright brass plated aluminum
667 US4 Satin brass plated aluminum
668 US10 Satin bronze plated aluminum
669 US14 Bright nickel-plated aluminum
677 US3 Bright brass plated zinc
678 US4 Satin brass plated zinc
680 US10 Satin bronze plated zinc
682 US26D Satin chromium plated zinc
684 Black chromium on brass or bronze
688 US4 Satin gold anodized aluminum
689 US28 Aluminum painted on any material
690 US20 Dark bronze painted on any material
691 US10 Light bronze painted on any material
692 Tan painted on any material
693 Black painted on any material
694 Medium bronze painted on any material
695 Dark bronze painted on any material
696 US4 Satin brass painted on any material