Our Team

Calibre Door Closers is owned and operated by people with decades of valuable industry experience. Whether it's product knowledge, technical support, special customer tooling requirements, special packaging, or you just want to ask us a question... we are always available to you.

We realize you can find much of the door closer and storefront door hardware product throughout the marketplace, but you will have to look long and hard to find people behind the product that you can trust to serve you well with the ongoing reliability and dependability of Calibre Door Closers. We promise to serve you well.


John Linder, President and CEO of Calibre, spent six years in the U.S. Army as a Cryptologic Linguist and Intelligence Analyst with the U.S. Army & Intelligence Security Command (INSCOM). In his early years he worked for his father, John A. Linder, who founded U.S. Aluminum Corporation®. At USAC John learned to do door fabrication and aluminum storefront systems. After leaving the Army John again joined his father at International Door Closers, Inc.® and was the Executive Vice President, COO until leaving the company in early 2006. In the spring of 2006, John, with Tony Gonzales and some trusted, dedicated employees, formed the new corporation of Calibre Door Closers, Inc. With an affinity for military service John currently serves as a 1SG with the CSMR CA National Guard.

Anthony (Tony) Gonzales, company Vice President. After leaving the U.S. Coast Guard as a decorated Petty Officer First Class (PO1) spending his last 4 years of active duty assigned to the Maritime Security Response Teams (MRST) and the Direct Action Section (DAS) defending against terrorism, Tony received his initial architectural hardware training at International Door Closers, involving himself in all aspects of the operation from 1990-2005. In the early Spring of 2006 Tony joined with John to form Calibre Door Closers, Inc., and manages much of the daily affairs, including, but not limited to OEM sales, customer service, and new product development.

Richard (Rick) Walker, after leaving the U.S. Army (82nd Airborne - All the Way) had a very successful first career in sales and sales management in the petroleum industry before changing to the builder's hardware industry in 1999. Rick was the Sales Manager for International Door Closers, Inc.® for 8 years, from 1999-2007. Rick has chosen to join the Calibre Team as our Sales Manager. Rick's years of industry experience, his respect for his Sales Representatives, and his enthusiasm, will be a welcome addition to the team.
It is with great sadness and personal loss that we inform you our Sales Manager, Rick Walker, suddenly passed away, January 29th. Rick was on of those few individuals who manage to favorably impact & touch many people's lives. Rick was a great, ethical, & honest man, who loved life, had a passion for his work, and truly respected the business. All who knew him well will sorrowfully miss him.

Bruce Bollong, is the company CFO/Controller. Bruce served as a Combat Support Branch (CSS) Army Finance Officer, Chief Warrant Officer (CWO5), overseeing all aspects of the operation for the 4 th Inf Div at Ft Carson ("Steadfast and Loyal"). Over the ensuing years Bruce has gained additional extensive public accounting experience as the controller of high profile public companies. Bruce performed full charge bookkeeping at International Door Closers, Inc. from 2004 until he left in 2006, and presently, since 2006, manages and conducts all aspects of the accounting for Calibre Door Closers, Inc. to trial balance and the month-end financials. acct@calibredoorclosers.com

Roger Allen, as a National Guard Army SGT and 88M served a combat tour with the 389th CSSB/224th Sus Bde at COB Adder/Ali Air Base near Nasssiriyah, Iraq, and was instrumental in the mountainous challenge of cataloging and downsizing the base for $20m of material returning to the U.S. He additionally ran 16 hour supply convoys throughout the Dhi Qur Province in support of the 1Bn, 116th Inf. While work at Calibre is somewhat less demanding, Roger does a good job pulling it all together and making it happen.

John Gutsu, Manufacturer's Representative, conducts our Southwest Hardware Sales, and has more than 30 years of proven sales experience. Many of those years were spent with Adams Rite Manufacturing® specializing in all aspects of door hardware. For the past 18 years John has worked diligently with his team at ASH Associates, and together they have done an outstanding job penetrating the Southwest sales market with the quality lines they represent. John’s experience and technical expertise is unparalleled in the industry. John is a giver and always more than willing to share his experience with all his suppliers and customers.

Chris Acosta, a former Army Ranger and SSG, plays an important role at Calibre. Since leaving the 1/75th Ranger Regiment in 2011, Chris has gained valuable warehouse and customer service experience at Calibre. Chris has the maturity, drive, dependability, and attention to the small details that makes him a valuable member of our team. With his solid military training and NCO leadership Chis has advanced steadily within our organization and is presently our Operations Manager, with an unlimited future in store.

Arvin Collins, Manufacturer's Representative, with many years to the Glass & Glazing Trade, brings experience and professionalism unparalleled by most others. Arvin not only sincerely cares about his customers, but he also goes to great lengths to make certain that the customer's every need is taken care of in a timely manner. Many Glass and Glazing customers in the Southern California market already know Arvin and have experienced Arvin's sales calls these past 8 years. Representing Calibre Door Closers, Arvin and his sales agency, Alliance Sales & Marketing, have much to offer. Arvin will be glad to sit down and discuss his product lines with you as he reintroduces himself and Calibre Door Closers to you. Arvin sincerely enjoys his work and he looks forward to meeting with you.

Robert McKinney, former Navy Seal and CPO, plays an important roll at Calibre. Since leaving the teams in 2004, Robert has gained most of his warehouse and shipping/receiving experience while working for Ingram Micro and the United Parcel Service. Robert's maturity, dependability, and attention to the small details makes him a valuable member of our order processing team and inventory control.

Niel Acosta, a former Navy PO2 and EOD expert, recently joined the Calibre warehouse team. Though working at Calibre is less risky than EOD, Niel is deadly serious about his new position on our team. Niel is being carefully integrated into our supply chain, and cross-trained in shipping/receiving, order processing, and inventory control. Niel will play an important role in our ISO formatted material supply chain.