Notice of Conformity / Maintenance
NO. 022208-CAL-01

Guidance for the Maintenance of Hydraulic Door Closers

Range in General
All of the Calibre commercial grade hydraulic door closers have two (2) speed adjustment valves (closing speed adjustment valve, and latching speed adjustment valve). Additionally, some models have a separate Back-Check (BC) adjustment valve. When properly maintained these door closers are capable of providing many years of reliable service. As with any door hardware, lack of proper maintenance and physical abuse will lead to a shorter life span and may impair the operation of the product. It is imperative that door closers receive proper and regular maintenance in accordance with the recommendations outlined in this document. It is recommended that a company competent in the maintenance of doors, door closers, and architectural hardware should carry out maintenance beyond the monthly checks as well as any trouble-shooting.

As with any architectural product, the frequency of operation and the environment of the application will influence the frequency of maintenance. A door closer installed outdoors on a gate, or in a corrosive environment such as a swimming pool, close proximity to the ocean salt air, as well as high usage, will require the maintenance interval to be increased accordingly.

Maintenance Procedure
Important Note
Door Closers have a large compressed spring(s) contained within the body casting. This compressed spring can cause severe damage and bodily injury if the spring is inadvertently released. Under no circumstances should the door closer body casting be tampered with, or opened in any manner that will release the compressed spring.