ANSI/BHMA Standard 156.3-2008
American National Standard for Exit Devices
NO. 123008-CAL-02

Standard ANSI/BHMA A156.3-2008 establishes requirements for exit devices and trim, automatic and self-latching flush bolts, removable mullions, coordinators, and carry-open bars. It includes definitions, general information, and testing procedures and equipment. Functions and various types of exit devices are numbered and described, and illustrations are provided for the various types. For example, 'Function 4.1' describes: In all functions, latch bolts and deadbolts, or deadbolts or latch bolts alone, are released by depressing the actuating bar. Labeled Fire Exit Hardware for labeled fire doors shall not be provided with a lock down feature.

Tests and required results in this standard include:

Product grades are defined by progressive performance benchmarks in given tests, with Grade 1 being the highest level of performance. For example, in the 'outside pull test', a Grade 1 exit device must be able to withstand 400 lbf, as compared to a Grade 3, which is required to withstand 300 lbf.

This document is not intended to be used as a substitute for the standard and users should refer to the entire standard for complete requirements and details. For further information, or to purchase a copy of this standard, log on to or call 800.699.9277.